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And here you are my dear Exploders another great Rock Girl! Musician, fetish model, blond haired and sexy, the lady here confesses to be interested in very weird topics, but she can also speak about un easy themes. To find out what this beautiful creature, half pin-up and half witch, has to share with Charles Manson and H.P.Lovecraft read the following interview and check it out! I guess you too will be charmed by our amazing Leighanne!

Hi Leighanne! Welcome on our Rock Girls Section! The guys here are all very curious to know something more about you. Let's start with a brief self introduction...
I want success on many levels. Not success by other people definition, but my own. Some of which I have already achieved. I love money but I am not money driven. I like to create and that will never change. Mostly, I want to be happy and right now I am.

Why did you choose to become a fetish model? Who's been you muse?
Well I've always been into bondage and S&M in my personal life so doing this feels natural. I love it actually. I love the clothes, dressing up, and I like being different.

I know you're in a band. Which kind of music do you propose?
My last band broke up in Jan. so right now I'm working solo which is kind of how it all began anyway so I like it. I write heavy music. I'll have Mp3's online soon and I'll be sure to let you all know where to go to listen to them.

Have you ever had the chance to meet some rock or Hollywood stars in your career? If so who've been and did they attract you in some way?
I've met a few yes but nobody who I really admire. I'd like to meet Chris Cornell, Wayne Static, Robert De Niro, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek.

Who is, or has been in your opinion the most seductive and charming man in the show-biz?
Russell Crow, Johnny Depp....there's a few more (laughs)

How do you feel to be considered as the object of men's deepest desires? The same kind of question has been posed to another fetish pin-up, Dita Von Teese, and she answered something like: "I adore it, I've been working so hard all these years to be considered like that". Do you agree with her in some way?
I think it's nice yes but I think you have to put it all into perspective and know what you are doing or sometimes you can depend on the attention too much. Having a good self esteem is important too. Some of the most beautiful women are insecure. We all are to a certain extent and sometimes the attention can give you a boost and that is always nice but depending on it to feel good about yourself can be a bad thing. Having men adore me is something that I do enjoy very much of course.

Don't you find it sounds like a kind of strange? In a recent past women worked really very hard not to be considered just like sexual objects by men. Do you think that feminism has reached its toll in this last period? I mean it should be also included in women's rights being considered "sex bombs", don't you think?
Well I think times have changed. I think if you choose to be a sex object and you are of age and know what you are doing, then there's nothing wrong with that. I think as women of this century, we are allowed to be very sexual. It does not hinder progress unless you let it. In my opinion though, Feminism has gone too far. The word alone suggests the true reason why women cannot do everything men can do. We are
feminine. An example being Military practices. Now I am all for womens rights and I'm not saying that women shouldn't have all of the same rights as men. I'm just saying that I quite enjoy knowing where I fit into this world and you won't see me trying to start a womens Football league or try to go to war fighting in my military. I'll leave that to the men.

Stop with silly questions, and let's concentrate on something more personal. Is there a dream you wouldn't fail to realize? If there is can you tell us which one?
I had a dream of being an Olympic figure skater when I was little. I competed for years. I did well until I found out that I had a bone disorder in my feet that was uncorrectable and that was going to stand in the way of my dream… I was crushed! Still I kept skating! Of course I never was in the Olympics (laughs). I still think about those days once in a while and I still go skating too.

Reading your introduction I've been really impressed by your kind of obsession: serial killers.I know just some stories about some of them. Why do they fascinate you? Who's bee the worst, the cruellest one in history? I dare say Nero, or Hitler. Anyway, explain us your point of view towards such kind of personalities:
I'm fascinated with how and why they kill. I want to pick their brain. H.H. Holmes was the biggest monster of long ago in my opinion but I am really fascinated with Ted Bundy. Both of them were vicious and very sadistic killers. Something that I wonder is why can two people have a similar upbringing, suffer the same types of abuse yet only one of them becomes a serial killer? Well, I could go on forever about this topic but I don't wanna bore you.

Did you really read the "Necronomicon"? Does this book really exist? God bless Lovecraft!
Yes. I have the spell book and I love it. I also have a book called, "The Black Arts" which is pretty good as well.

Please tell us the greatest movie you've ever seen, the best album you ever listened to and the most spectacular rock concert you've been at:

"Shaw shank Redemption" is my all time fave movie!
Alice In Chains "Jar Of Flies" is my fave record!
Rage Against The Machine with COC was my fave concert!

What do you like doing the most during the day? Or the night if you prefer.
Writing sick poems, watching forensic files, doing yoga, cooking…

Where's the freakiest place you had a sexual approach?
Gas station bathroom! (laughs)

Add comments to the following words and names:
Elizabeth Short (Black Dalia): Pretty too bad she died so horribly!
Larry Flynt: He's the man!
Penthouse: Mmmm...
Playboy: Mmmm...
Jessica Rabbit: Uh? Um no... cartoon!
Marilyn Manson: Sick & sexy!
Charles Manson: Insane!

Thans so much Leighanne and keep rockin'! Here you are free space to tell whatever you want to our Exploders!

Keep your eyes out for me, I'm right behind you!

Intervista realizzata e tradotta da Margherita Realmonte
Photo Credits: Photos taken by Steve Nelson and JLS2